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About Lombok 7 Summits

Lombok 7 Summits website under Lombok Green Nature Management which is engaged in tourism tour services and agricultural businesses. Lombok Green Nature is domiciled in Sembalun, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara.

Lombok Green Nature is owned by Royal Sembahulun who was born and grew up in Sembalun Village. In addition to taking care of his business, his daily activities are also the leader of the Sembalun Community Development Center (SCDC) which focuses on empowering the Sembalun community in various fields.

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Mount Rinjani

For those of you who love climbing in beautiful natural mountains, exploring Mount Rinjani is an activity that must be included in your adventure plan. Guaranteed you will be satisfied with the experience you get because along the way to explore Gujung Rinjani has an amazing view.

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Pergasingan Hill

Have you heard of a tourist attraction whose name has been trending among climbing lovers for the last few years as the Pergasingan Hill?

For people who come from the island of Lombok, Pergasingan Hill Tourism Object is not a foreign name.

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Mount Anak Dara

They say that Mount Anak Dara is strange because not a single piece of wood grows on the top. The oddity is actually the main attraction for tourists to visit it.

Mount Anak Dara must be strange to your ears, especially for those of you who live outside the island of Lombok. Mount Anak Dara started trending and visited by many people from June 2020 to the present.

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anak dara

Mount Sempana

If you want to see the vast expanse of savanna and enjoy hills that are similar to Teletubis hills, then you should visit Savana Sempana.

The peak of Mount Sempana is one part of the Sembalun 7 Summits on the island of Lombok. Mount Sempana has an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level.

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The Peak Of Bao Ritip

The peak of Bao Ritip is one of the Sembalun 7 Summits that must be conquered when you want to get a finisher certificate from the Sembalun 7 Summit committee.

The peak of Bao Ritip is to the east of Caldera Sembalun. To get to the same place takes 4 hours for professional climbers and 6-7 hours for ordinary climbers.

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bao ritip

The peak of Mount Gedong

The peak of Mount Gedong is at an altitude of 2100 masl. Start climbing from an altitude of 1500 masl.

To reach the top it takes 2-3 hours and the total round trip time is normally 4-5 hours. From the top of Gedong you can see the landscape of the Sembalun valley and Mount Rinjani which stands firmly .

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The peak of Mount Kondo

Have you ever heard of Mount Kondo? Or is this your first time hearing it?

Mount Kondo is one of the seven peaks included in the Sembalun Seven Summits and is located at an altitude of 1750 masl. Mount Kondo is included in the Mount Rinjani National Park area. The location is close to Savana Peropok which is located in East Lombok district, West Nusa Tenggara.

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