They say that Mount Anak Dara is strange because not a single piece of wood grows on the top. The oddity is actually the main attraction for tourists to visit it.

Mount Anak Dara must be strange to your ears, especially for those of you who live outside the island of Lombok. Mount Anak Dara started trending and visited by many people from June 2020 to the present.

The view from the top of Mount Anak Dara is very good in the form of a stretch of the Sembalun valley and Mount Rinjani. In the east, the Lombok strait and the island of Sumbawa and Mount Tambora are clearly visible.

The peak of Mount Anak Dara is one of the seven peaks of Sembalun on the island of Lombok. Having an altitude of 1924 meters above sea level makes many people curious to conquer the peak.

To get to the top it takes 2.5 hours for professionals and 3-4 hours for regular climbers. Meanwhile, the hike back and forth on the same day takes 6-7 hours. The track is quite steep and there are several points where tourists have to be careful because the track is narrow.

Given that the route at some points is quite dangerous, we provide guide services for those of you who need assistance in conquering the top of Anak Dara.

We also provide services starting from pick-up at Lombok Airport or wherever you are around Lombok. In addition, we also provide lodging for overnight in Sembalun and local transport to get to the climbing point location.

Especially for those of you who want to stay at the top of Mount Anak Dara, we provide camping equipment, food, and porters who will carry equipment and necessities during the climb to explore Mount Anak Dara. The porters who will accompany you are trained and professional to perform the best service.