For those of you who love climbing in beautiful natural mountains, exploring Mount Rinjani is an activity that must be included in your adventure plan. Guaranteed you will be satisfied with the experience you get because along the way to explore Gujung Rinjani has an amazing view.

Mount Rinjani is one of the peaks that is included in the Sembalun Sevent Summits. Mount Rinjani has a height of 3726 meters above sea level. The beauty of the mountain makes it a tourist icon of Lombok and Indonesia.

As one of the conditions for getting a Sevent summit certificate in Lombok, climbers must visit the summit of Mount Rinjani. Among all the peaks, Mount Rinjani is the heaviest on the median. Therefore, climbers must take the 2-day program.

Especially for professional runners, they can do it in 27 hours, but this is of course very tiring and draining and must require enough water and food as provisions.

We provide a nice complete package for those of you who want to explore Rinjani and its six other peaks. Starting from pickup to the airport or in other areas around the island of Lombok. Other necessities such as lodging in Sembalun, camping equipment and food needs during climbing as well as guides and porters are ready to accompany you and do the best service.

Arrival day
You will be picked up in the area around Lombok or at the place of your arrival and residence. Then drop to Srmbalun, check in at the inn.

The first day
Overview: Sembalun, Pos 1, Pos 2, Post 3, Post 4 and Pelawangan.
Duration: 10-12 hours

Wake up in the morning, have breakfast at the inn where you are staying and continue the journey to the Gunung Rinjani national park office for registration.

From the location you are staying, you will be dropped using an open cup car to the boundary of the area between the community plantation and the national park area. If you want to save energy and time, you can use a motorcycle taxi service to Pos 2 Semablun.

It takes 2.5-3 hours from the starting location to the climb to post 2. Meanwhile, if you use an ojek service, it only takes 30 minutes. Besides being fast, the benefits of using your power taxi service are not too drained at the beginning of the climb.

Lunch will be held between post 2 and post 3 depending on the situation and conditions in the field. Then you will arrive at the crater rim between 4 – 5 o’clock if it goes normally.

Camping equipment, food, drinking water and other climbing needs will be carried by porters. Including cooking and providing meals part of the Service porter.

The second day
Wakeup again. Day around 1:30 a.m., have breakfast and head to the top of Mount Rinjani.

The first hour you will find a quite heavy and steep climb. Therefore, you should use a guide when climbing to Mount Rinjani. Then in the middle of the path to the top is pretty flat the track is not so dangerous, but you have to be careful. In the last hour before reaching the top the track is very tiring because it consists of gravel and sand which makes it difficult for climbers to walk. The cost here is to experience something like a step forward and a step back. This is what makes the journey to the top very tiring.

Make sure to capture your photo on top of Mount Rinjani as proof that you have completed the peak. After enjoying the view from the top then continue the journey down to Pelawangan.

Arriving at Pelawangan, food and drinks are waiting. Next, make a trip down to Sembalun. If you are too tired, a motorcycle taxi service can be an option from post 2 to Sembalun.