If you want to see the vast expanse of savanna and enjoy hills that are similar to Teletubis hills, then you should visit Savana Sempana.

The peak of Mount Sempana is one part of the Seventh Summit Sembalun on the island of Lombok. Mount Sempana has an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level.

The view that can be seen from the top of Sempana includes the expanse of Savana forest, the Sembalun Valley, and Mount Rinjani. In this place, we can also find many kinds of flora and fauna typical of Rinjani.

To reach the peak takes 3-4 hours for professional climbers and 5-6 hours for ordinary climbers. If you do a round trip hike on the same day it will take 7-8 hours.

We also provide services ranging from pick-up at the airport, port or wherever you are around Lombok. In addition, we also provide lodging for overnight in Sembalun and local transport to get to the climbing point location.

Especially for those of you who want to stay at the top of Mount Anak Dara, we provide camping equipment, food, and porters who will carry equipment and necessities during the climb to explore Mount Anak Dara. The porters who will accompany you are trained and professional to perform the best service.

Overview: Tiktok Puncak Sempana
Duration: 7 hours
Experience: Sembalun, Nanggi and Sempana.

Wake up in the morning, have breakfast at the place you are staying. We will pick you up and then go to the starting point for climbing Mount Sempana.

The first hour of climbing is quite tiring because it is steep. After arriving at Nanggi Hill, the track slopes slightly to the Peak of Sempana. Have lunch above, drink coffee, tea, or other drinks taking pictures while enjoying the scenery around you, and then descend to Sembalun Bumbung.

It takes less time to descend, but it will be longer if you have problems with your knee. Therefore, make sure you do not have problems with your knees or feet when climbing.

Arriving at the climbing point, then we will pick up and drop off at the inn where you are staying or continue the journey to other places around Lombok.