Have you ever heard of Mount Kondo? Or is this your first time hearing it?

Mount Kondo is one of the seven peaks included in the Sembalun Seven Summits and is located at an altitude of 1750 masl. Mount Kondo is included in the Mount Rinjani National Park area. The location is close to Savana Peropok which is located in East Lombok district, West Nusa Tenggara.

From the top of Mount Kondo, we can enjoy the natural scenery of Lombok which is truly enchanting. Starting from the view of the Peropok Savana which is an old caldera. Mount Rinjani stands firmly on the west and views of the sea on the south and east.

To reach the peak takes 3-4 hours, and to get home and go it takes 5-6 hours. The climb starts at 1025 meters above sea level. The track is relatively safe but we recommend that you always focus and be careful when climbing.

We from Lombok Green Nature provide services to prepare all your activities while exploring the Sembalun Seven Summit. Starting from pick up at the airport or anywhere around Lombok, lodging in Sembalun transports to the starting point of the climbing point, guide. If you choose to spend the night at the top, we will also prepare porters to bring your camping, cooking, and food needs.